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When I opened a pub 4 years ago, I didnít realize that city council would make it a contest to see how many businesses opened and closed. I had a dream, I developed a plan, went to the bank, borrowed money and invested it into my business. As time went on, I developed a clientele, my business was thriving so I thought why not expand? I went back to the bank with my numbers. Real numbers, not the numbers you hear in any poll or survey that boast being correct 19 times out of 20, 80 percent of the time.

My business was doing so well that the federal government guaranteed a loan to expand . So I did.

Than came along our city council. They took money from me twice for building permits, four times for business licenses.

They failed to tell me that my business was going to change because some bureaucrat duped them into believing that 80 percent of Ottawans wanted a 100 percent smoking ban.
We know the real truth. Most of the sensible population wanted some sort of compromise.

I donít smoke, I donít care much about smoking, but I know 10 months ago I was able to please everyone who came through my front door. Slowly, through a divide and conquer method the city has put me out of business.

The infamous Susan Jones and her by-law team, who have reported day after day 95 percent compliance to this absurd by law knew by dividing us through intimidation that they could change the face of an industry over night.
They have gone too far! My business is a casualty.

I donít want any sympathy, I am young enough and smart enough to pull my life back together, but I want the lies to stop.

My message to city council is simple, You canít fool all of the public all of the time. Instead of passing lies and judgements through the media, get out from behind your desk. Get back in touch with the people who voted you in. Remember your judgement day will come sooner than you think and your report card doesnít have too many Aís, Bís, or Cís on it.

Randy Hughes
Owner of the defunct Tanglewood Pub.

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