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State and Local Government on the Net
Internal Revenue Service
The White House
National Center for Health Statistics
United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
Thomas: Library of Congress


Our Favorite Writers

Smokers Blogs

Cigarette Smoker's Tax Revolt

Cigar Aficionado

Cigarwise Magazine

Cigar Magazines

Eagles Nest

Ericg's Homepage

Flo's Cigar Page

For Smokers Only

The Hittman Chronicle

Smoker's Lounge

Smokers Take Back YOUR RIGHTS !

Smoking Lobby

The Facts

The Writing of Warren Klass

The X-tray

Tulsa Tobacco Party

Wrongful Termination Lawyer Directory

Break Time
The Intended: The song, The Smoke Police
Jacquie Lawson
Sea Monkey
Hamster For President
Games Kids Play
Santa in Colorado
Links of Interest to Libertarians
Internet Movie Database
The (Insert Something Funny) Players
TV: 2 Droogies Productions
The Weather Channel
Junk Science Home Page
Useless Knowledge
Truth or Fiction

Citizens for Civil Liberties
Ontario Smoking Rightsite
Ottawa Policy Alliance
People Power
PUBCO: Pub and Bar Coalition of Canada
Roxxon's Smokers Rights Page
Smoke Out Hypocrisy
Smokers Rights Canada
Subversive Liberty: Home Page of Pierre Lemieux
Fair Air Association of Canada

Denmark: Smoke!
European Smokers Against Discrimination
Gallery Of Famous Smokers
Spain: Prohibido Prohibir
Smoking Paradise
NZ: Smokers of the World Unite!
NZ: WIN Party
UK: Forest
UK: The Smokers Liberation Front



Forces Alabama

Forces Connecticut

Forces Duluth

Forces Illinois

Forces Indiana

Forces Kentucky

Forces Minnesota

Forces Oklahoma

Forces Rochester

Forces West Virginia

Forces Canada

Forces Manitoba

Forces Ontario

Forces Austria

Forces Germany

Forces Italy

Forces Netherlands

Forces Nigeria

Forces Psychiatry


Brown & Williamson Tobacco
JTI International
Philip Morris
R.J. Reynolds Tobacco
Tobacco Industry List
Retail Cigarette Safe
United States
California Property Rights
Coloradans for Smokers' Rights
CO: Independence Institute
CO: No Smoking Bans
CT: Smoke Signals
FL: Florida Rights
FL: The Crab Trap Restaurant
Hawaii Smokers Rights
Illinois Smokers Rights
Indiana Libertarians
KY: The Rosebud Bar
KY: Metro Louisville Hospitality Coalition
Maine Smokers Rights
Massachusetts Citizens For Freedom
MA: Cambridge Citizens for Smokers' Rights
MA: Sherlock Holmes Pipe Club of Boston
MI: Michigan Business Alliance for Fair Taxes
MI: Michigan Citizens
MN: Clean Air Quality
MN: Minnesotans Against Smoking Bans
MN: Smoke Out Gary
NC: Club Puros
NJ: The Metropolitan Cigar Society
New York Coalition of Social Smokers
NY: Fighting for Freedom in Western New York
NY: The Empire State Restaurant and Tavern Association
NY Tobacco Control
NY: United Restaurant & Tavern Owners of New York, Inc.
OH: Akron Cigar Club
OH: Columbus Bar Owners Political Action Committee
OH: Greater Cincinnati Hospitality Coalition
OH: Save Cleveland Jobs
OH: Smokers Have Rights
Oklahoma Citizens for Freedom and Liberty
Pennsylvania Smokers Action Network
TX: Citizens for Choice and Common Sense
TX: Keep Austin Free
TX: Real Texas Freedom
The United Pro Choice Smokers Rights Newsletter