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Letters to the Editors

Warren Klass: Dissent from Canadian liberalism

01:00 AM EDT on Monday, July 12, 2004
Providence Journal

First, I would like to compliment The Providence Journal for being one of the few American newspapers to actually pays attention to Canada. There are just a couple of points worth clarifying in an otherwise outstanding editorial, "Still north and left" (July 1).

It's not all of Canada that buys into this left-wing agenda; it's Ontario. More specifically, Greater Toronto. With the exception of southern Ontario and, to a lesser extent, the Maritimes, Canada overwhelmingly rejected this vision.

In Québec, a former bastion of Liberal Party support, the separatist Bloc Québécois won virtually every Francophone district, including former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's riding. The Liberals were reduced to a few Anglophone seats, in West Montréal.

In rural Ontario, the Conservatives went from two seats to 24. Rural Manitoba overwhelmingly voted Conservative, and in Winnipeg, its capital, the Liberals lost two seats, retaining only three. In Saskatchewan, the whole Kumbaya gang (the Liberals and New Democrats) were wiped out; the province voted Conservative except for one seat, in Regina, its capital, for a total of 13 seats won by the Conservatives.

In Alberta, the seat count was Conservatives 26, Liberals 2. Both Liberal seats in Alberta were in Edmonton -- nicknamed Redmonton -- but were won by razor-thin margins: Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan won by 200 votes, while the other Liberal seat was won by 50 votes.

British Columbia also overwhelmingly voted Conservative, although the Liberals and New Democrats won a handful of seats in Vancouver and Victoria.

Separatist sentiments in Canada are not restricted to Québec. This election will hasten separatist sentiments in Western Canada, especially Alberta, which is sick and tired of Ontario's imposing its agenda on the rest of the country.


Press Release

May 27, 2004

Forces Canada Endorses The Conservative Party of Canada in the June 28,2004 Federal Election.

Comment from Warren Klass, President of Forces Canada.

"More people smoke in Canada that vote Liberal in Federal elections." The National Post.

May 25,2004.I am going to digress from the usual Forces Canada format that deals with the tobacco news from Canada to make a special plea to the smokers of Canada-please go to the polls on June 28 and vote Conservative.

I have been asked many times over the past few years, how we can change the treatment of smokers in Canada. My reply has been at the ballot box. This is the first time in 10 years that the Liberal Party looks beatable. For the past decade, Liberal Party doctrine has been to make our lives as miserable as possible. If you want to change things, then please go to the polls on June 28th and tell the Liberal Party-I'VE HAD ENOUGH!

The best reason for getting rid of the Liberal Party is that they are the patrons of a $500 million PARASITE INDUSTRY. $500 million of YOUR TAX DOLLARS every year goes to PARASITES like The Non-Smokers Rights Association, Physicians For A Smoker Free Canada, The Cancer Society, The Lung Association and a whole mob of unnecessary duplicates to spread lie after lie in the media, push for smoking bans, and increased cigarette taxes and to spread a campaign to"de-normalize"you. Millions are spent to send PARASITES into the schools to tell your kids lies like:" Mommy and Daddy are poisoning you with second-hand smoke."

These PARASITES make annual salaries of hundreds of thousands. Millions more are spent on nauseating television commercials-that serve to buy off the media from examining their bogus claims and antics. More millions are pissed away on things like winter conferences on Teen smoking in Miami, while you spent $10 on a pack of cigarettes and are forced to smoke them in the freezing cold.

Here is a sample from a recent conference attended by legions of Canadian anti-smoking PARASITES, whose attendance was paid for by The Liberal Party. The PARASITES are now targeting homosexual smokers as part of "Tobacco Control." Here is a sample of how The Liberal Party spends your tax dollars:

"Applying Queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) Theory for Tobacco Prevention Messages.

Participants will be able to identify domains of Queer Theory in relation to message construction for tobacco prevention. Participants will be able to analyze messages from the tobacco industry and learn their impact in defining queer culture. Participants will learn of resources to learn how to apply Queer Theory for the development of prevention initiatives.

The workshop will identify key learning's from Queer Theory and their implications for tobacco prevention and consumption messages.

The workshops will provide participants tools for analyzing tobacco prevention messages from a Queer paradigm."

Have you ever heard anything as gut-wrenchingly nauseating as this? Or as patronizing? This is the $500 million a year Liberal Party PARASITE INDUSTRY that wants to"de-normalize" us.

If you have HAD ENOUGH of the Liberal Party PATRONAGE MACHINE squandering $500 million a year of YOUR MONEY on these PARASITES-then please vote Conservative on June 28th.

Warren Klass,
President Forces Canada, Winnipeg

September 28, 2003
By Scott Edmonds

Manitoba looking at becoming first province to ban smoking provincewide

WINNIPEG (CP) - Manitoba could become the first province to go cold turkey and ban smoking wherever people work, indoors or out, with no ifs ands or butts.

Some say that would make the province the most progressive government in Canada; others compare the move to Nazi Germany. Bland opinion seems hard to find in the spicy stew an all-party committee of the legislature must digest as it prepares to come up with a recommendation as early as November.

Dr. Mark Taylor, a Winnipeg physician and vice-president of Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada, holds the former opinion. He says British Columbia and Prince Edward Island came close with rules that confine smokers, but both stop a little short.

"B.C. and Prince Edward Island are both good (but) neither one of them are excellent, and we hope we can prevail on the government of Manitoba to bring forward the first excellent law in Canada," says Taylor.

He cites mounting evidence on second-hand smoke, which he says should prove the case to anyone.

Smokers like Warren Klass aren't buying.

"You're a citizen who's obeying all the laws and all of a sudden some people decide they want to de-normalize you for some great higher purpose, for some wonderful fantasy of the secure and sanitary utopia, as Hitler called it," said Klass.

Klass is president of FORCES Canada. It stands for Fight Ordinances to Restrict Control and Eliminate Smoking.

As the committee wrapped up its public hearings last week in Winnipeg, Klass reminded it that Hitler was a non-smoker who waged a determined anti-smoking campaign in Germany, which failed.

More typical of the majority opinion at the hearings is Patricia Lane, a member of a Winnipeg high school parents council who wants to ensure a ban extends to smoking anywhere on school grounds.

She says to do otherwise is like telling kids they can only play with sharp knives in a designated area, adding that protection should extend to the home.

"Obviously, I think parents shouldn't expose their children to second-hand smoke," says Lane.

Many provinces have been wrestling with this issue of smoking bans as more and more municipalities bring in their own.

British Columbia got close but backed down after a court decision and then the election of a new government put the brakes on an all-out ban using workplace safety regulations.

In the end, the province decided to allow specially ventilated smoking rooms in bars and restaurants. Prince Edward Island has had a similar system in place since May.

That solution is just fine for Courtney Donovan of the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association.

"It's not the perfect solution. It doesn't work for every establishment," she says.

"But there's 5,000 food service establishments in B.C. (and) 4,500 of them chose voluntarily to go smoke free. Only 500 of them decided they wanted to put in a smoking room. I see no reason why that wouldn't work in Manitoba."

Manitoba, however, has been under pressure to copy Winnipeg's tough no-smoking bylaw or an even tougher one in Brandon, the province's second-largest city, which makes no allowance for smoking rooms.

Manitoba workplace regulations already specify that exposure to airborne carcinogens must be controlled to as close to zero as practicable. Tobacco smoke produces some of those chemicals.

In an internal report, the government has been urged to bring in a phased-in ban. Smoking rooms would be allowed for a year, then eliminated and followed within three years by a complete ban of smoking indoors or outdoors at any workplace.

Stan Struthers, the government-appointed committee chairman, is non-committal, but opposition members suggest a ban is coming and only the details remain to be worked out.

"I think this committee is going to bring forward a recommendation for banning smoking provincewide in the workplace and in public places," says Liberal leader Jon Gerrard.

Conservative Denis Rocan, a reformed smoker, says he sees the issue as black and white.

"This is not a time to be piecemeal . . . you're either pregnant or you're not pregnant. So if you're going to do it, bite the bullet, let it happen."

But smokers like George McKeever see it as the beginning of the end.

"Next we can expect the secret police to patrol the streets with infrared heat-seeking devices to track us down in our bedrooms," said McKeever, 79, as he shuffled out of the room where hearings were held last week.

"George Orwell, how right you were."

September 24, 2003

Smoking ban compared to Nazi Germany

WINNIPEG -- A national smokers' rights group argues the Doer government will be following Adolf Hitler if it bans smoking in public places.

The group, Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking, says the Nazis tried to stamp out smoking.

Spokesman Warren Klass says the end result was a country with the highest smoking rate in recorded human history.

Klass is one of several people who will speak about the proposed ban when a government-led task force holds hearings in the city Thursday and Friday.

The task force was told in St. Pierre last night that a ban is the only way to go.

Ste. Anne physician, Dr. Gabriel Lemoine, says there is chaos in families where there is smoking.

Jim Baker with the Manitoba Hotel Association says a ban could spell the end of many rural hotels.

A final decision on the ban is expected in November.

July 27, 2003
Calgary Sun

RE: DANIELLE Bowditch's smoking column from last Sunday.

Does she have a clue what she's talking about? For disclaimer purposes, I am President of the Canadian Chapter of the world's largest smokers' rights group, Forces International (

Her comment that "there is no safe level of second-hand smoke," is a lie. Has she ever heard of toxicology? The "threshold" levels quantified by toxicologists assume a sealed 8-ft. by 12-ft. non-ventilated room-per hour: Toluene -- one million cigarettes per hour; Polonium -- 210,000 to 750,000 cigarettes per hour.

The lowest "threshold" level for the 19 substances in second-hand smoke is Hydroquinone, where only 1,250 cigarettes are needed to reach "threshold" levels. This would require 300 people smoking 62 packs per hour in said room. A cup of coffee contains 19 carcinogens and 5,000 chemicals. This does not mean that a cup of coffee is harmful because the dosage is minute, just like second-hand smoke.

The other big lie in her column was about the effect of second-hand smoke on hospitality personnel.

The longest, most comprehensive study on this question was conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy's laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The peer-reviewed Oak Ridge study spent years replicating the prolonged effect of exposure to second-hand smoke on 173 non-smoking bartenders, waiters and waitresses.

After years of study, they came up with nothing. No lung cancer. No heart disease. No asthma. No bronchitis. No pneumonia. No inner ear infection. Nothing.

What the Oak Ridge study found was that exposure to "respirable suspended particulate matter," which includes second-hand smoke, was less than one-sixth of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration's allowable level.

The Oak Ridge Study also found that the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) manipulated levels of second-hand smoke in their studies to push for smoking bans.

Warren Klass,
President Forces Canada, Winnipeg

June 25, 2003
The Winnipeg Sun

Second-hand smoke myths

In response to the story, Sufferers breathe easier as tobacco bylaw nears (June 22): I have been an asthmatic for well over 40 years, and a cigarette smoker for well over 30 years. I am also president of the Canadian chapter of the world's largest smokers rights group, Forces International.

As an asthmatic, a smoker and someone conversant on the medical literature of this question, I would just like to inform The Sun that the issue of second-hand smoke and asthma is a myth put out by hypochondriacs and spread by media.

There are no documented allergens in cigarette smoke. An asthmatic is potentially allergic to thousands of things, the most common being dust, pollen and pet hair. If cigarette smoke contained allergens there is no possible way millions of asthmatics could possibly be smokers.

Warren Klass

June 10, 2003
The Providence Journal

Warren Klass: Liberals promote 'reefer madness' in Canada

WINNIPEG, Manitoba

THERE'S A POINT worth making about so-called decriminalization of marijuana in Canada ("It's Canada's business," editorial, June 4). The Liberal Party of Canada is not, in fact, decriminalizing marijuana -- it's criminalizing it.

A succession of Canadian courts have ruled that the Canadian laws regarding the possession of marijuana are unconstitutional. Just a couple of weeks ago, the Ontario Supreme Court threw out the conviction of a 16-year-old kid in Windsor who had skipped school, gone to Itchykoo Park to get high, and been caught with a couple of joints. The Ontario Supreme Court decision is a binding precedent on Canadian courts. The Supreme Court of Canada also ruled Canada's possession laws unconstitutional, and gave the government a year to pass a new law -- which it never did.

Thus, the Ontario Supreme Court ruled Canada's possession laws null and void. Abortion is legal in Canada, because the Canadian Supreme Court ruled the old law unconstitutional and the politicians could not agree on a new one. Polls show 82 percent of Canadians are in favor of decriminalization, or legalization, of marijuana.

The proposed penalty for possession is identical to that in 12 U.S. states: a $150 (Canadian) fine for possession of up to 15 grams. This would, in practice, recriminalize pot in Canada. Right now, possession laws -- especially in the cities -- are rarely, if ever, enforced. And if you are unlucky enough to get charged, your case is rarely prosecuted. If it is prosecuted, you'll most likely get an "absolute discharge" ("Be a good boy and there is no record of your being charged"). If you're a small-time grower or dealer, the most common sentence is a "conditional discharge" ("Be a good boy for six months to a year and there is no record of your being charged").

The worry of Canada's legions of pot smokers about the new "decriminalization" is that this will become like photo radar. The police will actually start enforcing the pot laws, as a huge new cash cow, to grab the $150 fines.

There is also a lot of complaining from the 600,000 Canadians who have pot convictions on their records that the proposed law is not retroactive. Technically, they can be barred from entering the United States as tourists.

As the president of the Canadian chapter of the world's largest smokers'-rights group, Forces International (, I am regularly inundated with e-mails from older Canadians who wonder why there is a laissez-faire attitude toward marijuana -- still technically an illegal substance in Canada -- compared with draconian restrictions on cigarettes -- which are still technically legal.

The answer I give is trite: Rich people in Canada smoke pot; poor people smoke cigarettes. The health argument is a joke. Marijuana contains at least 10 to 20 times the carcinogens and tar as cigarettes. Yet noted anti-smoking loudmouths in the media are champions of marijuana legalization. (Speaking strictly as an individual, I am in favor of the complete legalization of marijuana.)

The absurdity of this can be seen in Vancouver. The maximum penalty there for smoking marijuana (rarely, if ever, enforced) is a $50 fine; the penalty for smoking a cigarette indoors in Vancouver is a $100 fine, and it is rigorously enforced. So you can go into innumerable Vancouver head shops and smoke joint after joint -- but you can't light up a cigarette; you're told, "We don't need the hassles with the cops."

In some parts of Canada the fines for smoking a cigarette indoors is 10 times the amount for smoking marijuana indoors.

For instance, the owners and employees of a pool hall in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, are facing a $150 fine for allowing cigarette smoking in their establishment. There is no law against smoking pot in the pool hall. Its called the Tobacco Control Act.

The Liberal Party is becoming a laughingstock over its marijuana policy. It embarked upon this because it recently lost a by-election in its Ontario stronghold. The far-left New Democratic Party, which campaigned on complete legalization of marijuana, siphoned off enough votes from the Liberals to allow the Conservatives to win the by-election. The more conservative elements of the Liberal Party -- the party that tries to be all things to all men -- are promising/threatening a $245 million "education campaign" warning of the dangers of decriminalized pot.

The tab for the Liberals' lifestyle programs is expensive: $480 million for "tobacco control," for example. Recently, we learned that youth smoking has skyrocketed. (Tell kids not to smoke 50,000 times and guess what they're going to do?) A billion dollars was spent on a "gun registry" that was supposed to cost $4 million. Provinces are refusing to enforce the gun-control laws. The nuts and the criminals have never had a problem finding guns; the law made no dent in crime but has turned law-abiding farmers and hunters into criminals for refusing to register their guns. And now $245 million for "Reefer Madness II."

Canada doesn't need a prime minister. It needs a psychiatrist to figure out why we keep voting Liberal.

Warren Klass, of Winnipeg, is president of Forces Canada (, a smoking-rights group.

March 15, 2003
Toronoto Sun


THIS IS in response to some of the factually inaccurate claims contained in correspondence directed to Michael Coren. ("Strange Bedfellows," March 8). The thrust of the correspondence seemed to be that Hitler's PETA-like agenda was either a coincidence or tangential to Nazism. Neither claim is factually accurate.

In 1933, as one of his first acts, Hitler banned the kosher slaughter of animals in Germany. Also in 1933, Hitler banned animal vivisections. Concentration camp inmates were used instead.

In 1938, Hitler banned Jews from owning pets. The animals were all slaughtered, often in front of their owners.

In the propaganda film, The Eternal Jew, one of the more graphic scenes focused on Jews supposedly mistreating animals. Scenes taken from a Polish kosher slaughterhouse were shown to induce hate. The supposed mistreatment of animals by Jews was a constant in Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda.

But Hitler's fetishes did not stop at animals. Hitler was a pronounced anti-smoking activist who brought in the world's first indoor smoking bans. German propaganda called second-hand smoke "a Jewish plot to poison the Aryan race." Jews were banned from smoking in Germany in 1938.

Hitler was very much a friend of the Earth environmentalist, and where possible mandated organic substances replace chemicals in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Concentration camp inmates at Dachau were forced to make organic honey.

Hitler, with his fetish for animals, his anti-smoking campaigns, his environmental awareness and his love of organics was a real '90s kind of guy.

Warren Klass

PETA Turns Holocaust into Pig Pen:
By Brian Willoughby. In side-by-side photographic images, PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - directly compares farm-animal slaughter to the extermination of 6 million Jews in the Holocaust. (CAUTION: VERY UPSETTING PHOTOS!)
Holocaust Imagery and Animal Rights "Whatever his dietary preferences, Hitler showed little sympathy for the vegetarian cause in Germany. When he came to power in 1933, he banned all the vegetarian societies in Germany….Nazi persecution forced German vegetarians, a tiny minority in a nation of carnivores, either to flee the country or go underground."
Tobacco instead of... (Another upsetting page!)

May 13, 2003
Winnipeg Free Press

Veterans earned right to smoke

Irene Zigarliski (Veterans fighting for ill health, letters, May 6) is mistaken on numerous levels. The statement that "second-hand smoke is slowly killing the Canadian people" is a tautological assertion devoid of one iota of evidence.

The veterans went to war to stop those using phony health scares to legislate their personal morality. Hitler's quest was for a "Smoke-free Germany... a secure and sanitary utopia."

Be assured that without the sacrifice of aging, heroic veterans, the likes of Mayor Glen Murray and Coun. Jenny Gerbasi -- who legislate their own morality in private clubs -- would be wearing pink triangles and yellow stars in Dachau. This is the gratitude given to aging heroes who risked their lives for freedom?


April 8, 2003
Providence Journal.

Canada split about America

"Fickle foreign friends" (April 4) is a great editorial, but as a Canadian I'd just like to try to explain the dynamics of Chretien's decision not to support America, which has split Canada.

There is a provincial election in Quebec in a couple of weeks. The war is unbelievably unpopular there; polls put opposition at about 80 percent. French-speaking Quebec gets its news not from CNN but from the likes of France's TV5 -- an endless anti-American propaganda barrage. The U.S. national anthem was booed at the Montreal Forum. A group of 11- and 12-year-old hockey players from New England playing in a tournament in Montreal were tormented. Some yahoos burned an American flag in front of these kids.

In order to give the provincial Liberal Party a shot in the Quebec election, Chretien betrayed not only America, but Britain as well. The pretext used for Canada's refusal to join the coalition of the willing was transparently phony: that the U.N. Security Council did not approve. Canada, however, joined the fight over Kosovo without U.N. Security Council approval.

Outside Quebec, and to a much lesser extent in southern Ontario, there is overwhelming support for Canada's joining the war to liberate Iraq. In Alberta the most recent poll put support for the United States at 80 percent. In the most recent poll in The (Toronto) Globe and Mail, 76 percent of Canadians would have "accepted" Canada's participation. In western Canada, the letters to the editors and the call-in shows are overwhelmingly pro-American and anti-Chretien. The most common theme has been "Chretien has made me ashamed to be a Canadian."

Nobody heckled me for the sign I carried around on Saturday at a pro-American demonstration (my first since the '60s) at the Manitoba legislature. The sign read, "Bush for Mt. Rushmore. God Bless America."


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Tobacco News From Canada

March 5, 2003

I am not an American. I am a patriotic Canadian who is sick and tired of the America bashing going on in many parts of the world. As a Canadian I am ashamed to say that one of the most sickening, nauseating slurs occurred several days ago in Canada. An elected M.P. from Mississauga, Ontario, Carolyn Parrish - a member of the ruling Liberal government said: "DAMN AMERICANS. I HATE THE BASTARDS." These words were broadcast around the world. These words were picked up and broadcast in Iraq and used by Saddam's propaganda effort. For many "Peace" has become a pretext to bash America.

Was Carolyn Parrish kicked out of the Liberal Party for calling Americans "BASTARDS"? No. Was Carolyn Parrish crucified by the mainstream Ontario media? No. In fact the opinion pages of the major Ontario media(The Toronto Star, The Toronto Globe and Mail etc)was dominated by people who AGREED with her. Those of us who disagreed and support America never had our letters published.

President John F. Kennedy once said" Don't get mad. Get even." I have a suggestion for getting even with the Province of Ontario for our friends in the U.S. Contact your Senators and Congressmen and ask them to rip up the U.S./Canada Auto Pact.

For those of you unaware in 1965,in order to buy Canada's diplomatic support for the war in Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson made a deal with the Liberal government to give "Canada" a percentage of North American auto production. The ONLY province in Canada that profited from this arrangement was ONTARIO. The rest of Canada has spent hundreds if not thousands per car from 1965 to keep the Ontario auto industry in business. This arrangement has cost Canadians outside of Ontario, billions. Plants have closed in America, and tons of autoworkers laid-off in America to keep Ontario auto plants running. Please contact your Senators and Congressmen and tell them how fed up you are at this anachronistic arrangement that is a relic from the Vietnam war.

The Liberal Government recently forced the Kyoto Accords down the throats of Canadians. The Alberta Oil industry will lose billions, and countless jobs complying. But the Ontario Auto Industry has been exempted from the Kyoto Accords even though the plants are huge polluters. For smokers, Ontario has no problem risking the livelihood of 100,000 hospitality workers in Toronto alone on the alter of" clean air." The employment in the Ontario Auto Industry is a small fraction of the hospitality industry Ontario is prepared to sacrifice. In any case as Americans why are there tons of automotive plants and workers idled in America-for a Province that calls you "Bastards"?

Americans are prepared to boycott French Whines to send a message. Asking your congressman and Senator to look at scrapping the "U.S./Canada(Ontario)Auto-Pack" will send a strong message that the enemies of America will not soon forget.

Warren Klass
Forces Canada Winnipeg, Canada

Comments by Warren Klass
President, FORCES - Canada

Dateline Brandon, Manitoba:

January 14, 2003 - In previous commentaries I mentioned to the smokers of both Canada and the U.S. how to turn around smoking bans: don't patronize establishments where you can't smoke. I mentioned the Freedom Fighters of Manitoba's second largest city, Brandon, about 150 miles west of Winnipeg. Today the Brandon city council is voting on changing one of Canada's most restrictive by-laws. This is happening not just because of smokers but because of the non-smoking friends of smokers who have decided to go elsewhere, as well.  We at Forces are very cognizant that there is a huge distinction between non-smokers and anti-smokers.  Non-smokers respect the rights of others, anti-smokers are a different breed entirely.

Brandon is a small city whose population is measured in thousands.  Brandon, was, until the smoking bans were imposed, a wonderful city that I always enjoyed visiting. According to the Jan13, 2003 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press, many others felt that way as well. Tourism has taken a huge hit. According to the Free Press:

"The Brandon economy has lost $2-3 million since Bylaw 6696 began. Even a gas station on the Trans-Canada highway inside Brandon claimed to lose $15,000 in one week because truckers weren't stopping. Much of the truck traffic began stopping in Virden instead. "The big thing is truckers. We used to get two or three a night at the Trails West Motor Inn (the owner quoted in the Free Press puts her loss since the smoking ban in the six figures) and now they completely bypass us."

"The loss of customers affects everyone from from staff who get less hours or fewer tips and may even have to be laid off, to suppliers of food and liquor to the bars. It also effects employment of musicians performing in beverage rooms".  "...Brandon bars are seeing a 40-55 per cent drop in VLT (Video Lottery Terminal) revenues."

In response to a bar owner's "sob story" Brandon City Councilor Errol (the error) Black (my nominee for the Marie Antoinette "Let them eat cake" sensitivity award)  told bar owners, "Then go find another business." He said drinking establishments are disappearing as society adopts a healthier lifestyle."

As someone who has in the past been a tourist in Brandon, I challenge Errol "the error" Black to put his own money into a California style Juice/Oxygen bar in blue-collar Brandon and let us know how long it takes to go bankrupt.  Brandon ain't Berkeley on the prairies. Thank God.

In 1920s America the cry of the prohibitionists Carrie Nation and Billy Sunday was" First alcohol-then tobacco." Now the cry of the modern day intellectual descendents like Brandon's Errol "the error" Black is "First Tobacco-then alcohol."

Second-hand distortion

Halifax Daily News
Monday, January 13, 2003
To the editor:

Someone from the Halifax area recently forwarded me a copy of a letter by Michael Parsons, A Deeper Look Into Second-Hand Smoke, in the Jan. 3 Daily News.

The organization I represent, Forces Canada (Fight Ordinances to Restrict Control Eliminate Smoking, was mentioned in a very distorted manner.

Forces Canada is the Canadian chapter of the world's largest smokers'-rights group: Forces International. Its Web site,, had 10 million hits in the past year. We are all grassroots volunteers. Two of our chapters' presidents are MDs, including the president of Forces Italy, who is a non-smoking MD/PhD, world-renowned cancer specialist.

Several of our chapters' presidents have PhDs. Many of us have master's degrees.

In the Forces' evidence archive, we have virtually every scientific study ever conducted on second-hand smoke. The archive contains more than 100 epidemiological studies. In addition, we have court judgments in which the rules of evidence apply that have "vacated," or rendered null and void, every spurious myth about second-hand smoke.

In our archives, we have the scathing judgment of the Australian Supreme Court and the identical judgment from U.S. federal Judge William Osteen that "vacated" every myth about second-hand smoke in a landmark 92-page decision, i.e., second-hand smoke causes lung cancer in non-smokers, is responsible for causing or irritating existing asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, inner-ear infections, etc.

Parsons claims that Osteen "vacated" the claims about second-hand smoke on procedural grounds. Osteen based his decision on 31 epidemiological studies submitted by both sides.

Here is a sample of Judge Osteen's comments:

"EPA publicly committed to a conclusion before research has begun; excluded industry by violating the Radon Act's procedural requirements; adjusted established procedure and scientific norms to validate the agencies public conclusion, and aggressively used the Act's authority to disseminate findings to establish a de facto regulatory scheme intended to restrict Plaintiff's products and to influence public opinion.

"The Court is faced with the ugly possibility that EPA adopted a methodology for each chapter, without explanation, based on the outcome sought in that chapter."(Osteen, North Carolina, 6:93 V00370, 17/July 98).

Parsons goes on to state "this court decision was based on largely procedural grounds and did not challenge the findings concerning the serious respiratory health effects of second-hand smoke in children."

Wrong. All claims regarding children (causes or irritates existing asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and inner-ear infections) were vacated.

What you might find even more fascinating is the author of Chapters 7 and 8 of the "vacated" EPA report (Passive Smoking and Respiratory Disorders Other than Cancer, and Assessment of Increased Risk for Respiratory Illnesses in Children from Environmental Tobacco Smoke), Dr. Fernando Martinez, director of respiratory sciences at the University of Arizona, has completely disavowed his previous contentions.

Martinez now believes that the outbreak of asthma among children is being caused not by second-hand smoke, but by smoking bans and hyper-sterilized surroundings. He calls this "lazy-lung" syndrome, in which the lungs are not being properly exercised and thus are acutely susceptible to disease.

Martinez was recently quoted as saying: "Like most people, I assumed tobacco smoke and pollution were the problem - this was the politically correct way to think. But these factors turned out not to play a major role. In high pollution areas, in low pollution areas. Among all ethnic groups, there was asthma. Clearly, something else was involved." (Does Civilization Cause Asthma? by Ellen Ruppel Shell, in the May 2000 Atlantic Monthly)

Warren Klass
Forces Canada

Winnipeg Free Press
December 12, 2002

Anti-smoke argument
social engineering

Here we go again. A letter from some know-nothing screaming for a smoking ban for supposed "health" rather than for the more obvious motivation -- social engineering (Politicians lack no-smoking backbone, Dec. 4). In this case, the non-smoking waitress who supposedly got lung cancer from second-hand smoke is cited without one iota of evidence. There are 40 known documented "causes" of lung cancer in non-smokers. Second-hand smoke is not one.

There are over 100 epidemiological studies that have found no link, including the longest, most comprehensive study ever undertaken on the question (World Health Organization Multicenter Case-Control Study Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer in Europe).

In addition, there have been court judgments where the rules of evidence apply. U.S. Federal Court Judge William Osteen in a landmark 92-page decision specifically "vacated" (made null and void) that specific claim and countless other popular myths about second-hand smoke: for example, second-hand smoke causes or irritates existing asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, inner ear infections etc. (Osteen, North Carolina, 6:93 V00370, 17/July/98). The Australian Supreme Court similarly vacated all the spurious myths about second-hand smoke.

The entire second-hand smoke "causes" lung cancer argument is devoid of any evidence and has become little more than a "blood-libel" for Liberals.

Warren Klass

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Subject: Visit to HSC a follow-up."Kicks Just keep Getting Harder to Find "Carrying a sign harmful to one's health at HSC-My side of the story


This is a follow-up to previous correspondence yesterday to the Free Press vis a vis - I am alive because I stated in no uncertain terms to the H.S.C- "Try anything and I'll scream to the Free Press. "Since the HSC now refuses to cut-off treatment they now have abolished my rights to Free Speech. The HSC told me that they consider themselves exempt from Free Speech provisions of the Canadian constitution.

Honest.I couldn't make this up.

A friend once observed that there are 3 sides to a story. My side. Their side. And the truth. This is my side of the story.

I went to my semi-annual check-up to see my Dr at the HSC. I have decided in the past to wear a different sign around my neck as I peacefully protest while waiting to see my Dr. Usually it's a big joke. The sign today sparked a real reaction.

Today's message du jour was:
"What is the difference between hospitals in Nazi Germany in the 1930s (BABY-KILLERS and anti-smoking nuts) and the HSC (BABY-KILLERS and anti-smoking nuts)? Newer magazines in the waiting room."

I was harassed and confined against my will for refusing to take off the sign while on HSC property by (count'em) 3 security guards. One Nurse I know well asked me "Don't you think that's a bit of a stretch, Warren?" I replied "If the Jack-boot fits. Wear it." I was dragged off to the Psychiatry ward (against my will) by the 3 security guards, and asked by a Psychiatric Nurse about the sign. I said, "I can prove it to a metaphysical certainty." I was asked if I hear voices? No. In Soviet Russia dissidents were also subjected to Psychiatric harassment. Anybody who protested had to be crazy.

Next time I can wear a T-shirt with the same message, and I'll run into the same problem. If the HSC has such a wonderful case I demand to be charged with "Trespassing". (I am not making this up. Honest to God.) I challenge the HSC to sue me for defamation of character. Hopefully, the case will be tried in front of Judge Murray Sinclair. My defense will be excerpts of the Sinclair Report (including the unforgettable Chapter 8 Testimony "Take Your Baby And Run.").

I would also submit verbatim Nuremberg testimony (The Euthanasia of Sick Babies Born With Heritable Defects) for the obvious similarities-right down to the "Learning Curve" defence. I would also find out if I have the right to call Alexandra Paul regarding what she published (an explanation of what" Northern Babies" meant).

If anyone has a great case for a lawsuit against me it's the producers of Seinfeld for stealing their bit. Dentist Tim Wotley converts to Judaism for the jokes. Jerry (accused by Kramer of being "an Anti-Dentite.") goes to a Priest to complain. The Priest asks Jerry if Wotley offends him because he's Jewish. No, Jerry replies," I'm offended because I'm a comedian."

One of Dentist's Tim Wotley's jokes was:
"What is the difference between a sadist and a Dentist? Newer magazines in the waiting room."

Warren Klass
29-7 Roslyn Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0G1

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Peggy Noonan, a former speech writer for USA Presidents Reagan and Bush, wrote an incisive column for the Wall Street Opinion Journal, published November 15th. It was about the endless smoking issue, and how the liberal media distorts the issue. Ms. Noonan made it clear that she is not a current smoker, but is a former smoker. She wonders why liberals who preach nothing but tolerance, no matter how ridiculous - for virtually everything - are pure fascists when it comes to the smoking issue.

Councillor Garth Steek's letter, Winnipeg Sun, 27 November 2002, is something between a "tautological" claim [an assertion with no evidence to substantiate the claim] and a modern day "Blood Libel" [used in the context of "the Jews killed Christian babies to use their blood to make Passover matzo"].

Perhaps the Sun should allow Mr. Steek to show us the scientific evidence, no opinions please - only validated facts, that has eluded the profession for the last 400 years on the environmental tobacco smoke issue [ETS]. One iota of solid evidence linking ETS to the "cause" of ANY of the supposed deaths and diseases regularly trotted out by those pushing smoking bans would be appreciated.

To use a word being given much play in the press these days, the media is being played for MORONS on this one. Every disease cited is conveniently multi, as opposed to mono-casual. For example there are 40, if you're not a smoker, "causes" of lung cancer. The waitress in Ottawa cited by Mr.Steek could have contacted her lung cancer working in restaurants that had high levels of asbestos. She could have consumed excessive amounts of fried or barbecued red meat. Or there could have been 38 other factors involved, genetics included. Second-hand smoke wasn't one of them however. There is a mountain of epidemiological evidence to that effect. Ditto Heart disease. There are 300 "causes" of heart disease-second hand smoke ain't one. Ditto Asthma. There are literally thousands of causes of asthma - and second-hand smoke ain't one. Cigarette smoke contains no allergens. (For the record I have been an asthmatic for over 40 years and a smoker for over 30).

If Mr.Steek has proof of 250 Manitobans, real people NOT 'statistical deaths', who die every year from second-hand smoke, I challenge him to bring autopsy reports from Manitoba coroners who measured for elevated *cotinine levels. All an elevated cotinine test will prove is that someone has actually been exposed to second-hand smoke in the first place. Cotinine in and of it is harmless, but an elevated cotinine test would have established if the person cited by Mr. Steek was either lying about being a secret smoker or lying about being exposed to second-hand smoke. This will say nothing however about the cause of death (see above) but only whether the individual had measurable amounts of the substance in the body.

The world is awaiting the first evidence in 400 years to substantiate Mr.Steek's tautological assertions. And to think we almost elected this uninformed, agenda-pusher as Mayor. There are some small mercies to be thankful for.

Warren Klass
Winnipeg, Manitoba

*Cotinine is a substance created by the body as it breaks down nicotine and is not harmful; it also results from the ingestion of several common fruits and vegetables that contain nicotine such as tomatoes and eggplant.



The Winnipeg Sun, 27 November 2002

Total smoking ban needed

Smoking should be banned in all public places. This is first and foremost a health issue. No patron or employee should be exposed to second-hand smoke. More than 250 Manitobans die annually from it.

The city's bylaw has resulted in an uneven playing field where restaurants with liquor licences can allow smoking. Numerous small businesses have been hurt because they can't compete with such establishments. The provincial government should show leadership on this critical health issue and enact a provincewide smoking ban.

A recent decision, awarding an Ottawa woman workers compensation because of illness due to second-hand smoke, should underscore to all levels of government and the hospitality industry the importance of a total smoking ban.

Garth Steek
Councillor for River Heights-Ft. Garry

(A total ban would be a fairer and healthier solution.)

Note: The above in parenthesis is an editorial comment. It leaves no doubt of the prohibition slant of this Newspaper.

November 20, 2002

Big Deal - Bond smoking again

In response to the endless Globe and Mail fascination with James Bond smoking again, I have just three words. Two of them are Big Deal.
Who cares?
In the 1965 Bond film" You Only Live Twice", one of the villains (A Japanese CEO conglomerate front for Specter) delivered an anti-smoking message to Bond. In 1965 the anti-smoking message came off as trite, sanctimonious, self-righteous and cynical. It hasn't really changed.

The Insider-a two hour commercial for anti-smoking- was one of Hollywood's biggest bombs, while the Bond franchise just gets bigger.
So movie heroes, (and lately just villains) smoke, and its front-page news at the Globe and Mail. If the League For Catholic Decency (or another like-minded religious group) had complained to the Globe and Mail that James Bond: - smokes, drinks, gambles, engages in pre-marital sex, uses the odd profanity, and glorifies violence-it would have been portrayed as ridiculous. But if the anti-smoking groups use this as a pretext for one of their increasingly tiresome sermons its front page news at the" Grope and Flail."

I can't wait for the usual non-drearily, non-predictable, non-sanctimonious, non-self-righteous editorial of this weighty question in the Globe.
Warren Klass

November 8, 2002

Last week I asked the smokers of America to go to the polls and vote Republican. The preliminary results are in: from the bottom of my heart I want to thank the smokers of America.

The goal of the smoker's rights movement is to make smoking the third rail of American politics. Touch us and you die. Last week for demonstrative purposes I quoted what Gubernatorial candidate Myrth York promised (Threatened) the smokers of Rhode Island - a state wide smoking ban. I quoted what fellow Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Kennedy Townsend promised (Threatened) the smokers of Maryland-increased cigarette taxes. Both lost in heavily Democratic states.

I was criticized by some for not supporting the Libertarians-and urging smokers to vote the lesser of two evils. Unfortunately there is a pragmatic reason for this. You as American smokers can go to your Republican representatives and tell them that it was the votes of smokers who put George W. Bush in the White House and gave the Senate and Congress to the Republicans.

There are many things the Republicans can do for smokers on a Federal level. Here are some suggestions:

No new Federal Cigarette taxes.

End the Airline and Federal regulated interstate transportation smoking bans.

Tort Reform. Smokers end up paying for these huge outrageous awards from kooky juries.

Appoint Judges who interpret the law, and don't legislate their personal morality on the bench.

As smokers we cannot afford to be complacent. Our enemies in the media and Democratic Party are now plotting how to push through more taxes and more smoking restrictions at the state and civic level. Remind them how popular this is. Point to the example of Rhode Island "Governor" Myrth York or Maryland "Governor" Kathleen Townsend Kennedy.

To those that forwarded my message last week and to those who voted Republican - thank you. And God Bless America.

Warren Klass (President Forces Manitoba)
Winnipeg, Canada

To the Smokers of America and Americans everywhere who cherish freedom, honesty, decency, and perspective.

In November of 2,000 I made a personal plea on the Forces Canada page to the smokers of America to please do the whole world a favor and defeat Al Gore.
Millions of you responded, and George W.Bush was elected.
Due to IRS regulations that bar overt political messages, in order to keep its new charitable status Forces cannot do this again. This message will not reach the millions who go to the Forces site, so I am making a personal plea to the smokers of America to forward this message to make sure that smokers go to the polls, November 5 and vote Republican.

Have you" HAD ENOUGH?" Have you "HAD ENOUGH" of the endless taxhikes, the endless harassment?

If you have, then go to the polls and vote Republican on November 5.

Here is a sample of what the Democrats are promising (THREATENING) if elected:
More cigarette tax hikes.
More indoor /outdoor smoking restrictions.
Kathleen Townsend Kennedy the Democratic Candidate for Governor in Maryland threatens that if elected she will raise cigarette taxes.
Myrth York the Democratic candidate for Governor of Rhode Island promises (threatens) a state wide-smoking ban.
The vote to ban smoking in Long Island is symptomatic of the U.S.10 Democrats voted to ban smoking everywhere.8 Republicans voted to oppose it. Which side are you on?

If the Democrats get elected be prepared to smoke your $10 a pack cigarettes out in -50 bellow.

This is the reality today in Canada with a Liberal (Democratic) Government and a media that cheerleads this stuff as a huge "Progressive" movement.

If you have HAD ENOUGH of the Hillary Clintons and the Teddy Kennedy's telling you how to live and punishing those who refuse to get their "message" - then please go to the polls November 5 - and vote Republican.

There are so many close races throughout the U.S. - your vote can and does make a huge difference if you want an America where YOU are treated fairly and decently - or do you want the " Smoke-Free America" of the Democratic Party?

Show this Canadian what you Americans can do - and please forward this message to fellow smokers - and non-smokers who believe in fairness and decency.

Warren Klass
(President Forces Manitoba)
Winnipeg, Canada

Subject: Winnipeg Election.Oct 23.
Editorial Proposal-responce to MMA

"The German medical profession bore and promoted the belief that curing patients was one thing but to heal the nation was incomparably more important...To a large degree, the medical profession was not politicized but politics was medicalized."

Dr.E.Ernst "The Third Reich-German physicians between resistance and participation" Commentary-International Journal of Epidemiology 2001:30:37-42

"The many similarities between Germany in the 1930's and the direction Western Medicine is moving today give great cause for alarm...coupled with growing health propaganda, specious euphemisms, obsession with cost-benefit analysis, computerized knowledge and a developing intimacy between profession and state leave no room for complacency." Peter Saunders," The Nazi Doctors -Lessons from the Holocaust, Journal Christian Medical Fellowship.1997.

In Saturday's Winnipeg Free Press one of the major and most obnoxious anti-smoking spokesman for the Canadian and Manitoba Medical Association (CMA and MMA), Dr.Mark Taylor injected himself into the forthcoming Winnipeg Civic (Mayor and City Council) Election on October 23,2002.urged voters to elect a mayor and city council with a draconian anti-smoking agenda. The difference between Canada and Dr.Taylor's illustrious colleagues in Nazi Germany who imposed a Canadian style war on smokers in Germany. ("A secure and sanitary utopia...a smoke-free Germany" in Hitler's words) is we at least have a vote-although in civilized countries (not to be confused with Canada) the rights of a minority are"self-evident"and not subjected to the whims of the majority.

Thus if you know anyone in Winnipeg please forward this. And please tell them to please go to the polls on Wednesday, on October 23 SEND THE LIFESTYLE POLICE PACKING. You don't have to be on any voters list. You can register at the polls, all you need is identification. Turn out is very low in municipal elections. A few votes can make a difference. Be assured the mob of unnecessary duplicates who would love nothing better than to throw YOU out in -50 bellow cold to have a cigarette-are mobilizing and planning to vote for incumbent Mayor Glenn Murray and city councilors Mark Lubosch, Dan Vandal, Jenny Gerbasi.

If you want any chance of stopping THEM then please go vote for Al Golden for Mayoral Golden unlike incumbent Mayor Glenn Murray has been in the Hospitality Industry his entire life. He is acutely sensitive to the needs of ALL-and not just the loud-mouth Lifestyle Police and HYPOCONDRIACS.Unlike incumbent Mayor Glenn Murray and MMA medical spokesman Dr.Mark Taylor, Al Golden has never voted to throw bleeding people in wheelchairs out in -50 bellow from a hospital for a cigarette. (After protests by Forces minor provisions were made for smokers at St.Boniface Hospital.Dr.Mark Taylor opposed it.)

A vote for Mayor Glenn Murray is a vote for Mark Taylor and his lifestyle police. If you want a city where $750,000 is devoted to whims of Glenn Murray's /Mark Taylor's to hire a civic Hitler Youth smoking police force there to ticket recalcitrant sinners. At last count they handed out (count'em) 3 $100 tickets. Only $750,000 in a city with North America's HIGHEST: taxes, murder, arson child poverty. And North America's WORST: library book selections, pot-holed roads.

If you are a as sick as I am of the Politics of Mayor Glenn Murray/Dr.Mark Taylor-then please get off your ass October 23 and put a big X beside the name Al Golden. If you choose not to vote be prepared to enjoy your $10 cigarettes out in -50 bellow. If you are not a Winnipegger but know someone in Winnipeg -Please forward this -and scream to go vote for Al Golden for mayor on Oct.23.Be assured the anti-smoking crowd is voting in huge numbers.

Warren Klass
President Forces Manitoba

October 11, 2002
Subject: Ottawa -Health Canada second-hand smoke claims-The Blood-Libel of Liberals.Why not Kyoto,or Leisure Suits cause lung cancer-same amount of evidence

This is in response to the claim by non-smoking Ottawa waitress Heather Crowe (Second-hand smoke case may spark more claims, Globe and Mail, Oct10, 2002) that second-hand smoke caused her lung cancer.
Why not greenhouse gasses (Kyoto)? Why not any of the other 40"CAUSES"of Lung cancer that can and have afflicted non-smokers going back to at least the 16th Century before tobacco was introduced in Europe?
Why not Leisure Suits? On a Fernwood 2Night skit from the 70s,a certain Dr.Van Moot from the highly prestigious Fernwood Community College, goes on Fernwood 2Night to announce to the world that Leisure Suits cause cancer. His evidence? He had a series of rats wearing Leisure Suits-and they all got cancer. This is about the level of Health Canada's. "Blood-Libel." Sophistry not science.
There is a mountain of epidemiological evidence that there is no link between second-hand smoke and lung cancer. The world's longest, most comprehensive study found nothing. (World Health Organization-WHO Multicenter Case-Control Study Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Lung Cancer in Europe.)
Over 100 of the most comprehensive studies in Epidemiology have found the same thing-no link. The Supreme Court of Australia and U.S.Federal Court both vacated that claim and numerous other myths of second-hand smoke. (Osteen, North Carolina, 6:93VOO 370 17/July, 98).
In a landmark 92 page decision that "VACATED" the claims that second hand smoke is a class A carcinogen and causes Lung Cancer in non-smokers, U.S. Federal Court Judge William Osteen wrote:" In adults: ETS is a human lung carcinogen responsible for approximately 3,000 lung cancer deaths annually in the U.S.nonsmokers-VACATED".
This claim of Health Canada is really just the "Lalonde Doctrine" at Health Canada going to its logical absurdity. Named for the unlamented former Trudeau era Health Minister Marc Lalonde (Canada's answer to Inspector Clouseau), the Lalonde doctrine briefly states that when the" evidence is uncertain and/or ambiguous" or in the case of second-hand smoke, greenhouse gasses (Kyoto) etc.etc, the scare message to the public should be" loud, clear and unequivocal". The essence of the Lalonde doctrine states that Health Canada needn't bother waiting for anything as mundane as evidence to call for regulations and bans. Whether the issue is second-hand smoke or alarmism about Kyoto, Health Canada is just as predictable as the Globe and Mail.

Warren Klass
(President Forces Manitoba, Media spokesman Forces Canada Fight Ordinances to Restrict Control Eliminate Smoking. All grassroots volunteers not affiliated with Tobacco companies)

September 21, 2002
Toronto Sun Editorial-Letters
RE THE magnificent column by Michael Coren, "Hatred in their eyes," (Sept.14):
I recently had the opportunity to talk with a friend who attended demonstrations against Benjamin Netanyahu speaking in Winnipeg. I in no way share my friend's political agenda. He is a regular demonstrator at every ludicrous left-wing protest. But he is in no way an anti-Semite. (I'm Jewish).
His hero is Naomi Klein. He phoned to tell me why he demonstrated against Netanyahu speaking in Winnipeg. After about 30 seconds of listening to moronic rhetoric totally devoid of evidence, truth or, any kind of perspective, I said let's get to the chase - what is Israel's big sin?
My friend said: "They're supported by the U.S. aren't they?" It's not the hatred in their eyes that scares me - it's the idiocy of their ideology that is simply beyond belief.
Warren Klass

August 9, 2002
Winnipeg Sun Editorial-Letters

Up in smoke

In response to the editorial -- Surprise us, Dave -- (Aug. 8), I would just like to remind the Taliban Vice and Virtue Committee at The Sun what happened when B.C. tried to impose a provincewide smoking ban.

Within three months, there was a loss of 730 jobs and six businesses. The B.C. Supreme Court ruled the ban unconstitutional.

B.C. Health Minister Joy McPhail was quoted as saying the smoking ban was not about health but about getting smokers to quit.

No kidding.

In the next election B.C's NDP won exactly two seats.

This is something for Today's NDP to consider.

Warren Klass

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Smokers burned

Feds hike tobacco taxes

Smokers in Alberta grumbling about paying the highest tobacco taxes in Canada have more to fume about today as a carton of cigarettes has gone up another $3.50.

Ottawa joined three provinces yesterday, increasing taxes on tobacco effective today.

The move boosts the federal tax on a carton of cigarettes by $3.50 across the country, bringing the total federal tax to $10.35.

In Alberta, the increase works out to approximately another 35 cents per pack of cigarettes.

"It's punishment of the poor in the form of another cash grab," said Warren Klass, Canadian spokesman for the smokers' rights group Forces International.

"Except for in Nazi Germany, there has never been a group targeted by government like smokers are in Canada."

But the hike is good news to anti-smoking advocates like Yvette Penman, co-ordinator for the tobacco reduction division of the Calgary Health Region.

"We're excited -- tobacco taxation has a huge impact on the number of youths who take up smoking," she said.

"And we're pleased because more people will quit smoking and fewer will start."

Ottawa is expected to reap an additional $600 million in tobacco tax due to the higher tax, which effectively restores cigarette prices to levels prior to 1994 when the federal government cut taxes in an attempt to curb tobacco smuggling.

In March, the Alberta government hit smokers with a so-called sin-tax that saw a pack of butts jump to about $8.75 -- a $2.25 increase.

Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 1:50 PM
Subject: EDITOR


This is in response to the attack on the concluding comment and me by the Calgary Sun that comparisons to Nazi Germany are "absurd" by Montreal correspondent Stan Shatenstein (Calgary Sun letters, June 19,2002). Mr. Shatenstein does a disservice to the readers of the Calgary Sun by leaving the impression that he is a disinterested man off the street on the smoking issue. For the record Mr.Shatenstein is President of a "Non-smokers rights" group and is a prolific correspondent attacking smokers regularly in The Globe and Mail, National Post, etc.

As to some of Mr.Shatenstein's contentions about Nazi Germany-I don't need lessons in Holocaust awareness. I lost about 500 relatives in the Holocaust. For the record I am a former 4.00 Grad student in German history that has been extensively published on various aspects of the Nazi war on smokers. (National Post, Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg Sun, Providence Journal, and New Bedford (Mass) Standard Times, in addition to essays on the question on the FORCES International attracted 10 million hits last year.). The world's foremost expert in Nazi anti-smoking campaigns, Penn State historian Robert Proctor in his recent book" The Nazi War on Cancer" described Hitler's anti-smoking campaign" in some sense just as fascist as Yellow Stars and death camps."

I would like to draw the Calgary Sun's attention to Prof.Proctor's British Medical Journal article on Nazi anti-smoking campaigns available at the evidence archive of Forces International (BMJ No 7070 Volume 313,"The anti-tobacco campaign of the Nazis: a little known aspect of public health in Germany, 1933-45"). By any empirical measurement modern Canada has outdone Nazi Germany in pursuit of (in Hitler's words):"a secure and sanitary utopia...a smoke-free Germany." Like Canada Hitler imposed confiscating taxes on smokers. Proctor points out that with Hitler's takeover of Czechleslovakia, tobacco taxes by 1939 accounted for 12% of Reich revenues. Like Canada draconian indoor smoking bans were imposed throughout Germany. Hitler was the originator of the second-hand smoke scare (and produced as much evidence to substantiate the position. None). The rationale was to protect German Aryan women from second-hand smoke. Eventually Hitler decreed that ALL women under 25,over 55 and all pregnant women were banned from smoking.

Hitler's smoking ban in 1938 made it a crime for Jews to smoke. (Do you think Hitler was concerned about the health of Jews, Stan?). The first restaurant smoking bans initially applied to only Jewish owned restaurants in Germany-as a health hazard. Of course. The propaganda campaign against smoking always involved Jews.Caricatatures of Hasidic Jews were depicted as" Tobacco Capitalism"(Big Tobacco) trying to lure "Aryan Youth into Smoking slavery." Depictions warning of the dangers of second-hand smoke contained images of dollar signs. And Stars of David. Smokers were portrayed as:" Jews, Africans, Indians, loose women, and decadent intellectuals." Julius Streicher of Der Sturmer fame, (hanged at Nuremberg along with a who's who of Nazi anti-smoking campains-Himmler, Goering, etc.etc.etc.) designed much of the Nazi anti-smoking propoganda-includeing classics for Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls.

How an anti-smoking campaign can massively backfire can be seen in the alumni of Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls. Membership was compulsory for all "German/Aryan Youth" between the ages of 10-18.All took" smoke-free" pledges for Hitler. The anti-smoking slogan was" You Have a Duty to Be Healthy." These kids were fed a non-stop barrage of anti-smoking propoganda, put on plays depicting smoking as a Jewish plot to poison the Aryan race, were enlisted as smoke police to inform on those breaking Germany's "no smoking "laws. (Achtung Achtung Rauchen Verboten-Attention Attention Smoking Forbidden). Naturally by 1939 the highest documented rate of Youth smoking in human recorded history was alumni of Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls. (50%).

It is Stan Shatenstein and the Calgary Sun that owes me an apology. I in no way hid my group affiliation and have supplied empirical evidence not a bunch of self-serving sanctimonious rhetoric to back up my contentions-unlike Stan Shatenstein.Beyond what appears in the historical archives of Forces (the most popular feature on the Forces sight) on Nazi anti-smoking campaigns, I am fully prepared to forward images from my private collection of anti-smoking cartoons from Der Sturmer, and an overview by noted Holocaust denier and anti-smoking activist and Hitler apologest,Ernst Zundel.Zundel calls for a revisionist look at Hitler because of his anti-smoking campaign. Hitler as 90s guy. Talk about absurdity.

Warren Klass
(President FORCES Manitoba, media spokesman FORCES Canada Fight Ordinances to Restrict Control Eliminate Smoking

February 22, 2002
Globe and Mail Subject: SIDS response
By now many of you are probably wondering what we at Forces have to say about the latest in a new low for the anti-smoking gang. The supposed link between SIDS (and second-hand smoke).
We at Forces have a vast archive of EVIDENCE on the question. Believe me, this study contains nothing new and is just more spin and smear-and large parts of the media (led by the Grope&Flail, and the Winnipeg Free Press) hacks who couldn't cover a fire, deal with the complexity of EVIDENCE about SIDS. The bottom line of the research is that SOME SIDS babies have shown the possibility of having been subjected to second-hand smoke - maybe. But babies who die in far greater numbers - babies who were "Smoke-free" also die of SIDS.
In the longest and surprisingly most unintentionally revealing account at the Globe&Mail, is the reality that this is nothing new - there is no EVIDENCE showing how second-hand smoke and SIDS are in anyway linked.
But we all know by now that the media will never allow anything as mundane as the truth, evidence (not to mention anything as mundane as decency) to get in the way of their new "Blood-Libel."
The source of the latest study is from the Journal Pediatrics. Instead of concentrating on inner ear infections, childhood asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia (there is no EVIDENCE for second-hand smoke and any of this either), the editors of Pediatrics have decided it's their calling in life to make heavy-duty Political pronouncements.
The "evidence" supplied to justify these pronouncements wouldn't stand up in a junior high science class - but a junior high, unlike the Free Press and Globe and Mail, at least has standards.
Last week Pediatrics on the basis raw data from a tiny sample, of a single study, over a very brief time horizon came out for Gay adoptions. (A very controversial notion). This was all the elements the media required. Led by a drearily predictable (and not too bright) columnist from the Winnipeg Free Press-started playing cheerleader for Gay adoptions.
You don't have to be Nostradamus to know where the media will go with the latest "Pediatrics" study on SIDS.
The following is an excerpt of a letter of mine (before I officially became involved with Forces) that appeared in Winnipeg Free Press (Letters, Nov.10, 1999) under the headline"SIDS, smoking link unproven" Believe me there is nothing new here. These are some excerpts from 1999:
"...I went to the Internet to see what the "evidence" linking second-hand smoke really shows. In the case of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) it's not even much of a co-incidence, because the vast majority of babies who die of SIDS were babies of non-smoking parents.
Tom Keens of the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, who was a member of the Fleming Study that supposedly linked SIDS with second-hand smoke, said on the SIDS Internet site in response to a question whether toxins from cigarette smoke could be detected at an autopsy of a SIDS baby:
"I don't think so. There is one substance, continine, which is sometimes analyzed, usually in research studies, to assess the amount of cigarette smoking one has done. I do not know if this is sensitive enough to be elevated in passive smoking. Also this is not a substance, which in and of it is toxic or dangerous. Therefore, I expect few or any coroners to measure it. Even if they did, the significance of an elevated continine would only be that the baby had been exposed to some cigarette smoke. It would say nothing about if or how that might have contributed to death."
As a member of the Fleming Study that anti-smoking activists have used to link second-hand smoke with SIDS Keens was quoted in the Los Angeles Times (July26, 1998):
"Clearly Prof. Fleming is not saying cigarette smoking is the cause of SIDS. Like with prone sleeping, babies of families where there has been no cigarette smoking continue to die from SIDS, and where one or both parents smoke will not die. So cigarette smoking is not the cause of SIDS."
No kidding. In 400 hundred years medicine has not documented a single case of second-hand smoke causing (pick your MYTH): SIDS, Childhood, Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Cancer, etc, etc, etc.
There is nothing new under the sun in this latest study either. Just the usual smears from people who should be out covering fires from the Globe and Mail, Winnipeg Free Press-and a mob of unnecessary duplicates at the Canadian media.
Warren Klass
(President Forces Manitoba)

January 7, 2002
An absurd attack on Franklin Roosevelt
I am not even an American citizen, so I am fully aware that this is none of my business, but I can only imagine the response of The Journal if Pat Buchanan or some intellectual descendant of the lunatic right had submitted a dreary, re-hash of the tired mantra of the America First Isolationists (Charles Lindberg, Col. Robert McCormick's Chicago Tribune. etc.) that Franklin Roosevelt knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in advance but let it proceed to get America into an unpopular war.

In this case, it wasn't the lunatic right, but what I suppose to be the lunatic left which The Journal allowed to repeat the same revisionism. ("Deconstructing the 'Day of Deceit,' " Robert B. Stinnett, Commentary, Dec. 7).

Never mind that the foremost historian of Pearl Harbor, Gordon Prange (At Dawn We Slept) stated that there is "not one iota of evidence" that President Roosevelt knew of the attack beforehand. Never mind that the Roberts Commission (named for Supreme Court Justice Owen Roberts), innumerable congressional and military investigations since the attack, and virtually all credible historians have never located one iota of evidence that FDR new of the Japanese attack in advance.


December 9, 2001
Winnipeg Sun Editorial-Letters
Scarth off target
In response to Todd Scarth's bombastic diatribe (In this corner -- Where there's smoke, Dec. 6), I have one question: where's the evidence?

In this Internet era, Todd Scarth does not cite a single credible study that supports the rationale for transparent social engineering.

The bottom line from vast research on second-hand smoke. No deaths. No asthma. No inner ear infections. Nothing.

There are 19 carcinogens in a cup of coffee. Broccoli contains carcinogens This does not mean either one is dangerous. But as the toxicology texts say: It's the dosage that makes the poison."

What the anti-smoking/social engineers conveniently leave out of their misleading diatribes is the amount of second-hand smoke required to meet thresholds needed for their scare campaign. This ranges from only 1,250 cigarettes an hour in a sealed, non-ventilated 8-20 room (Hydroquinone) to 1,000,000 cigarettes an hour for Toluene. No wonder the claims about second-hand smoke are obvious sophistry.

As for Scarth's other brilliant claim that smoking bans are good for business, both the Ottawa Sun and the Edmonton Sun are full of stories that prove the real losses the hospitality industry have suffered implementing the punishment agenda.

There is an axiom in journalism that states, "if your mother says she loves you, get it verified." That is something for the Sun to remember before printing more unsubstantiated garbage from Scarth and his ilk.

Warren Klass

Good Morning,

In the past few months Provincial Government have once again imposed huge new cigarette taxes. This is a huge new revenue grab that has started in B.C, and has moved like a wild fire through Alberta, Saskatchewan, and now Manitoba. It's a forgone conclusion that Ontario is next.

We've all heard the ridiculous reasons and boilerplate rhetoric a million times. Was there ever a tax increase where there wasn't rhetoric about curbing teen smoking and the costs of treating sick smokers? (Both, by the way as phony as 3 dollar bills. If so inclined see the Forces evidence archives, if you think I'm kidding). The real reason is that it's a painless revenue grab. It's the reverse of Robin Hood. Take from the poor and middle-class to give to the wealthy in huge raises for Doctors and Nurses. Manitoba's Finance Minister, Greg Selinger was quoted by the saying the reason for the new $1.20 a pack tax increase was to pay for the 20%raise given to Manitoba's Nurses. When was the last time any of you got a 20% raise?

I'd like to quote a brief excerpt of verbatim testimony given by one of Manitoba's irreplaceable Nurses in the "Baby Deaths Inquiry." This was verbatim testimony in the longest running judicial inquiry in Canadian history.12 babies were sent to a certain slaughter in furtherance of the "Learning Curve" at Winnipeg's Children's Hospital. The Children's Hospital is a part of Winnipeg's Health Sciences Center which is the teaching hospital of the University of Manitoba Medical school, which finished 15th out of 15 in the latest McLean's Magazine rankings. In 12 of the last 14 years it was also ranked worst in Canada. (The other two years it was ranked 14th out of 15,an 13th out of 15.The Universities of Saskatchewan and Sherbrook should ask McLean's for a recount). The Health Sciences Center regularly throws bleeding people in wheelchairs, hooked up to Ivs out in -50-bellow cold for a cigarette. What follows is verbatim testimony from Chapter 8 of the Sinclair Report on the" preventable deaths" of 12 babies. This is what we pay $9 a pack for:

"Because the comment I remember him (a Doctor at the Children's Hospital) making was that none of family or his friends would be done at the Children's Hospital at this point in time. I said, yes, but Murray that's what I have a problem with, if we wouldn't allow our own children to be done in this hospital, why do we allow other people's children to be done? It should be the same.

"It was very difficult to see the kids struggle, struggle to survive, see the parents suffer, you know; see them, you know bring their children to us and, you know, trusting us and hoping for the best. And you know there were many deaths that we had a difficult time dealing with. (Evidence pages 30,002,30,003)...

"She had even considered telling parents to" take your baby and run"(evidence page 8,779). She found it hard to take the children from the arms of their mothers and carry them into the operating room."

The smokers of Manitoba are paying $9 a pack for this kind of medical care.

Warren Klass
President Forces Manitoba

September 17, 2001
Free Press
Letter smeared U.S. neighbours: Re:Cameron Cecil Rolfe's letter I don't want to be an American (September 10, 2001)

The Free Press allowed Rolfe to defame and smear 260,000 million Americans without the slightest perspective or evidence. It is possible to be a proud and patriotic Canadian without sinking to the level of bashing our friends and neighbours in the U.S.

As someone born and raised in Canada, I share the sentiments expressed by President John F. Kennedy in Ottawa in 1961 "Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends."

I would like to say to Americans who were justifiably offended at the boorishness of Mr.Rolfe that most Canadians do not share his sentiments. The Free Press owes an apology to millions of Americans who were cruelly defamed and caricatured.

Warren Klass

9/15/01 to The New York Times Subject: Friedman column "Smoking or non-smoking" inappropriate time for a cheap shot

To the Editor,

I have to hand it to Thomas Friedman. Of all the moments for a ridiculous analogy, he picked this one. Putting aside for a moment that the Taliban have their own anti-smoking campaign (whipping women who smoke in public, and cutting the fingers of men who do likewise) doesn't the whole anti-smoking campaign owe an inspiration to the Taliban rather than how one used to think of America?

A small group of fanatics, under the most ridiculous pretexts (claims of second-hand smoke vacated by US Federal Court, the Australian Supreme Court, and endless epidemiological studies) have dictated social mores. Under the right sanctimonious pretexts the goal is to punish recalcitrant sinners. It should hearten Mr. Friedman to know that the individual who financed the first epidemiological link between smoking and lung cancer to a p>0.0000001 level was Hitler. In the late 1930s as a result of a 100,000-mark grant from Hitler's personal account, Nazi epidemiologists first found the link between smoking and lung cancer. (If you smoke 35 cigarettes a day, work in an asbestos mine or dye factory, don't eat your fruits and vegetables-if you get lung cancer there is a one in a million probability that smoking didn't play a role>0.0000001.It took Anglo-American scientists until the mid-1960s to establish the link.). Hitler used this to push his" smoke free agenda" huge tax increases on tobacco, draconian indoor smoking restrictions, and a moronic (and mostly anti-Semitic) propaganda campaign against smoking. Smoking rates however increased 50% in Germany between 1932-39 while staying stable in France during the same period.
(Source The Nazi War on Cancer by Penn State historian Robert Proctor) Once again a brilliant and well-timed analogy Tom.

Warren Klass
29-7 Roslyn Rd.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3L OG1
September 08, 2001 8:08 AM
Subject: Winnipeg Sun Editorial-Letters

Cancer link spurious

I'm writing about the cheapshot directed at A. Basset, who wrote Smoking good, alcohol bad (letters, Sept. 6). Basset is obviously not a thoughtful professional writer but makes a few valid points.

There are credible cancer specialists I could quote who question the link between primary smoking and lung cancer. The bottom line from this school of thought: Why are we not seeing more lung cancer in places such as Greece and Japan, which have very high rates of smoking but low lung-cancer rates and the highest rate of life expectancy in the world?

The first link between smoking and lung cancer was detected by Nazi epidemiologists in the mid 1930s, who were financed by a 100,000-mark contribution from Adolph Hitler's personal account. The link was established to a one-in-a-million certainty -- if you smoke 35 cigarettes a day and work in an asbestos mine or dye factory and don't eat your fruit and vegetables. Hitler used this to establish a Canadian-style war on smokers.

As for why there's no comparable war on drinkers, the answer is simple. Smokers are, by and large, poor, and drinkers are disproportionally middle-class. The Fraser Institute called Canada's war on smokers "rich Canada's war on the poor."

Warren Klass

Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001
Subject: Archives-Attached commentary from Rabbi on use of children in Hitler's anti-smoking campaign

I am fully aware that what I am writing is too lengthy (and turgid) to be considered for publication. It is my hope that the enclosed attachment will be read carefully by the Sun. I am responding to the Sun's Hitler comment at the conclusion of my letter "Smoke and mirrors" (Letters July22, 2001). The attachment is by a Rabbi from Seattle, Washington, I recently found on the Internet. The Rabbi talks about Hitler's anti-smoking campaign, and the use of "The Children" to further his agenda. It is both a brilliant and brief interpretation of an aspect of Nazism, that Penn State historian, in his recent book (The Nazi War on Cancer) called " in some sense just as fascist as yellow stars and death camps." The Rabbi alludes to other aspects of Nazism beyond the usual" Death Camps-Yellow Stars-Cattle Cars" accounts of Nazi Germany.

What is often overlooked by the media (especially the Sun) is that beyond his anti-smoking campaign, Hitler was a real 90s guy. In 1937 in policies MADD could applaud (I don't drink, gamble, or ever owned or fired a gun nor do I have any intention of doing so), Hitler got tough with drunk drivers and underage drinking. The first gun control laws-under the pretext of "stopping criminal gangs" was Hitler's idea. All Jewish owned firearms were seized on the eve of Krystalnacht. Later this was extended to all privately owned firearms. The Rabbi makes reference to this. Hitler pushed through PETA type legislation. In 1933,under the direction of that other noted animal lover Herman Goering (Hitler was a vegetarian who didn't smoke or drink), Animal vivisections were first banned in Prussia in 1933.This was later extended to all Germany. Human testing first on prisoners in concentration camps was used instead. One of Hitler's first acts in 1933 and an unending source of propaganda (The Goebell's film "The Eternal Jew) were to ban the Orthodox ritual slaughter (kosher) of animals. In 1938 when Jews were: banned from smoking, owning a car, having a drivers license, being allowed on buses or trains, having a telephone, (etc.etc.etc), Hitler also banned Jews from owning a pet. The animals were destroyed in front of the owners.

Hitler was also a real new age environmentalist. Hitler was a real "Green". There were attempts to cut back on Industrial pollutants, lead, zinc, mercury, and cadmium. Asbestos was linked to cancer. DDT was banned. Zyclon B was originally developed as a potential replacement. Attempts were made to use "Organic" substances in such things as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Inmates at Dachau were forced to make organic honey. The German people were strongly encouraged to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and whole grain bread. Lots of exercise and fresh air were encouraged. A real 90s guy.

It is with the smoking issue that I would like to supply to the Sun with evidence that Hitler's anti-smoking campaign was indistinguishable from today's Canada. The grotesque elements are self evident (Winnipeg Sun, Dec20, 2000,Cig break almost fatal, and accounts published around the same time in the Calgary Herald about residents as old as 90,in wheelchairs being thrown out of nursing homes in the freezing cold to have a cigarette.). The huge cigarette tax hikes (the first act in Czechleslovakia and Austria was to raise cigarette taxes to German levels), draconian indoor smoking restrictions, a huge anti-smoking bureaucracy that co-coordinated anti-smoking campaigns (first run by Academic Medicine types who were later hanged or committed suicide for their role in what history called" The Euthanasia of Sick Babies", later by the likes of Fritz Sauckel, who the Nuremberg Tribunals called" The biggest slave-holder since Pharaoh"),a moronic and mostly anti-Semitic propaganda campaign against smoking. Images of second-hand smoke contained depictions of Stars of David and Dollar signs." Tobacco Capitalism"(Big Tobacco) was inevitably portrayed as a caricature of a Hasidic Jew trying to lure an Aryan Youth to take up smoking. Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls all took smoke-free pledges for Hitler. Much of the whole propaganda barrage on smoking was directed at these kids." Smoking is a genetic poison to the Aryan Race-a plot by Jews to 'enslave Aryan Youth', the vice of Jews, Africans, Indians, loose women, decadent intellectuals "blah, blah, blah were Hitler's idea. (Streicher designed the cartoons). The punch line is more of these kids ended up smoking than any generation in history (about 50%).

In conclusion I would like to quote the Sun a brief excerpt from "The anti-tobacco campaign of the Nazis. A little Known aspect of public health in Germany, 1933-45"British Medical Journal, BMJ no 7070 vol313, by Penn State historian Robert Proctor. Is the comparison to modern Canadian anti-smoking campaigns spurious, or as the Sun editorialized" just plain nuts", or more than apt? If the Jack-boot fits...

Proctor writes" Smoking was banned in many workplaces, government offices, hospitals and rest homes. The NSDAP (National sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter partei) announced a ban on smoking in its offices in 1939,at which time Heinrich Himmler announced a smoking ban for all uniformed police and SS officers while on duty. The Journal of the American Medical Association that year reported Herman Goering's decree barring soldiers from smoking on the streets, on marches and on brief off-duty periods. Sixty of Germany's largest cities banned smoking on streetcars in 1941.Smoking were banned in air raid shelters, though some shelters reserved separate rooms for smokers. During the war years tobacco rationing coupons were denied to pregnant women (and to all women below the age of 25) while restaurants and cafes were barred from selling cigarettes to female customers

. From July 1943 it was illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to smoke in public. Smoking was banned on all German City trains and buses in 1944,the initiative coming from Hitler himself, who worried about exposure of young female conductors to tobacco smoke. Nazi policies were heralded as marking the' beginning of the end of tobacco use in Germany'".

I would like to thank the Sun for publishing my letter Sunday in a very fair manner. You are all obviously brilliant editors.

Warren Klass

Globe and Mail 7/22/01
Smoke and mirrors

Perhaps I missed something in the Sun's coverage of the smoking debate -- like one iota of anything remotely approaching evidence on second-hand smoke's supposed harm. The Sun has gone out of its way to suppress voluminous archive of evidence on the harmlessness of second-hand smoke. (The original restaurant smoking bans were originally Hitler's idea, and originally only applied to Jewish owned restaurants). If the Sun is so concerned about people's health, why not make the unending circuses at the Health Sciences Centre (baby deaths, Rogalsky, etc.) a cause? The Sun's reaction has been under whelming to say the least.

In its editorial Smoking ban unfair (July) The Sun cites Vancouver and Toronto bylaws (which haven't gone into effect yet). It's so great for business that last year the B.C. Supreme Court threw it out, because the effect on business was devastating. The B.C. Supreme Court cited the loss of 724 jobs, businesses, and millions in lost revenue after three months. It's so great for business that courts in Princeton, N.J., and Montgomery County, a suburb of Washington, D.C. recently threw out their bans after suffering a 30-40% loss in business.

But why let anything as trite and mundane as evidence stand in the way of transparent social engineering Hitler used the same obvious sophistry in enacting German smoking bans) agenda of The Sun?

Warren Klass

7/5/01 Chicago Tribune
Northern warmth

In response to "Keep North Dakota a state secret" (Editorial, June 28), as a frequent tourist in North Dakota (and Chicago), there are a few omissions from your editorial. There are a few things North Dakota does have that Chicago does not. Clean Air. No tollbooths every 15 seconds. Affordable real estate. Low crime. People who are always helpful to tourists.

It is true that North Dakota doesn't have a Wrigley Field or a Water Tower. But it has all the amenities one could find in any American City. Grand Forks and Fargo have new, state-of-the-art stadiums/arenas that are 100 years newer than Soldier Field. It's true that Chicago has the Bulls and Blackhawks, but every time I've ever been to Chicago I could never get a ticket, even in the old stadium.

As far as the weather in January, I've been to both Grand Forks and Chicago in January. It's almost indistinguishable due to the cold winds in Chicago.

President John F. Kennedy once said in Ottawa in 1961, "Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends." Whenever I have been in North Dakota, I have felt surrounded by neighbors, friends and truly wonderful, friendly people.

Warren Klass

6/26/01 Providence Journal
French immersion for poor children

Regarding Robert Holland's June 13 Commentary piece, "Bilingual education: Reform by giving parents a choice."

I am a parent of 11-year-old identical twin boys, who are in Grade 5 of French immersion in Canada. This may not be relevant to America, because in Canada, under all the obvious sophistry, the French immersion programs (bilingual) are designed to keep Quebec in Canada.

My kids hate French immersion. But I told them bluntly that if they don't speak French in Canada they will have no future.

About 30 percent of the kids in inner city schools here (poor, where my kids go) make it through grade 6. The kids really don't want to be there. Many develop behavioral problems. A lot of kids lack the intellectual power to handle instructions in a foreign language.

The kids whine, and the parents transfer the kids to English-language school. The kids who transfer all describe how much easier it is in English-language school. It's very tough on the kids who stay with French immersion when close friends transfer to English schools.

But as poor people, we can't afford to send our kids to rich private schools. The English-language inner-city schools are a joke up here. The more money thrown at them the worse they seem to get. And for years we weren't in a position to move to the rich suburbs where the English schools are better.

If you're poor in Canada and want your kid to have a decent education, French immersion is the only chance the poor kids get.


June 12, 2001 To:
Subject: ORNL-ETS-lower-than-EPAclaims-mr20000203-00


"In the late 130s and early 1940s,antitobacco activists called for increased tobacco taxes, advertising bans, advertising bans, and bans on unsupervised vending machines and tobacco sales to youth and to women in their child-bearing years. Activists called for bans on smoking while driving, for an end to smoking in the workplace, and for the establishment of tobacco counseling centers. The Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls published anti-smoking propaganda...Tobacco-free restaurants and sanatoria were also opened often with financial support from the German Anti-Tobacco League." Penn State University historian Robert Proctor, The Nazi War on Cancer (p201).

The leaders of the German anti-tobacco league: Drs.Hans Reiter, Leonardo Conti, Robert Ley, Gerhard Wagner all of whom committed suicide before they could be hung as war criminals, for their role in what history calls" The Euthanasia of Sick Babies. "Dr Mark Taylor bemoans on the front page of the Free Press(Cig-ban battle heats up today,June12,2001)that in 4 years no anti-smoking by-laws have been passed. Almost 50 years after the Nuremberg Protocal (15)1947 we still do not have an adequate" Informed Consent" law protecting patients from the antics of another group of anti-smoking activists from Academic Medicine who sacrificed a bunch of babies in the furtherance of the" learning curve. "Dr.Mark Taylor is a surgeon at the Health Sciences Center.

Besides the aforementioned Drs. Reiter, Conti, Wagner(the leaders of German Medicine), Robert Ley (a PhD in economics),anti-smoking activism involved a real who's who of Nazi Germany: Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Baldur Shirach the head of Hitler Youth, Fritz Sauckel,(who the Nuremberg Tribunal called" the biggest slave-holder since Pharoh "before hanging him) and Julius Streicher (in an account of Eichman's memoirs published last year in the Chicago Tribune, Eichman lends credence to theories about Streicher being the Holocaust mastermind. Eichman wrote that the fate of the Jews was spelled out clearly in the" Yellow Star" edition of Der Sturmer).At Nuremberg, Streicher officially complained to the tribunal that he was guarded by Black (Streicher used more hateful language) G.I's, who all smoked, and were less than enamored at how black smokers were depicted in the anti-smoking cartoons in Der Sturmer. The Nuremberg Tribunal ignored Streicher's complaints about Black smokers and sentenced him to hang. Streicher's final cryptic words were:" I'd like to wish all my Jewish friends a happy Purim. You got Haman. Heil Hitler."

What was the result of all Hitler's social engineering in furtherance of a" Smoke-free Germany"? After the Canadian style Politics of Punishment Campaign that involved tax increases, draconian indoor smoking restrictions ( before the Health Sciences Center, hospitals in Nazi Germany also threw bleeding people strapped into wheelchairs out in the freezing cold to have a cigarette, when not testifying before a tribunal about how sick babies were sacrificed to" The Learning Curve." The original stringent" Informed Consent" decrees came as result of testimony involving the parents of sick babies being told that their child was going to have a "risky operation" that was curative. The babies were sacrificed to "The Learning Curve")and an increasingly moronic propaganda campaign? Smoking INCREASED 50% between 1932-39 in Germany while staying stable in France during the same period.

Those most likely to smoke?( Jews were banned from smoking in 1938.Hitler was concerned about their health. The first restaurant smoking bans in Germany only applied to Jewish owned restaurants). Graduates of Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls. Membership was compulsory for German Youth between the ages of 10-18.Much of German anti-smoking propoganda (Streicher helped design it) was centered on Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls. The message of the anti-smoking propaganda was that smoking was" a genetic poison to the Aryan race." Posters and plays regularly depicted" Tobacco Capitalism"( what Nazi Germany called" Big Tobacco") as caricatures of Hasidic Jews trying to" enslave Aryan Youth." Smoking was depicted as the vice of "Jews, Africans, Indians (Hitler called tobacco" the wrath of the Red Man against the White Man for the introduction of hard liquor"), loose women and decadent intellectuals."

Hitler imposed his smoke free" secure and sanitary utopia" on Germany with a clarion call of saving the children of Germany from "one of mankind's most dangerous poisons." A law was eventually passed forbidding the ridiculing of German anti-smoking activists.

Hitler wrote:" The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation."

I have enclosed as an attachment, a synopsis of the most comprehensive study ever undertaken on the prolonged effects of second-hand smoke to non-smoking waiters, waitresses, and bartenders ever conducted. After 12years of study, Scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy( hardly a subsidiary of Joe Camel) Oak Ridge, Tennessee lab came up with absolutely no harmful effects. The authors of the study even accuse The Journal of the American Medical Association (for the record The Journal of the American Medical Association as late as 1939 ran articles praising Nazi anti-smoking campaigns. Source Penn State historian Robert Proctor in both" The Nazi War on Cancer"P203 and in The British Medical Journal BMJ No7070 Volume 313"The anti-tobacco campaign of the Nazis: a little known aspect of public health in Germany,1933-45."Proctor calls Nazi anti-smoking campaigns" in some sense as fascist as Yellow Stars and Death Camps.") of using manipulated data to further its anti-smoking agenda. Both the Australian Supreme Court, and US Federal Court have both ruled that anti-smoking activists manipulated second-hand smoke levels to push a smoke-free agenda.

As Yogi Berra once said," its deja-vu all over again".

Warren Klass

5.15.2001 Providence Journal
Thugs in Quebec

In response to the ridiculous May 3 letter from Randy Oftedahl, "Truth on the streets in Qu bec City," I'd like to offer a very different perspective of the Qu bec City riots.

The riots were carried live, nonstop, unedited on CBC and CTV. What appeared on Canadian TV was very different than what was shown on CNN.

These were not "Love-Peace" kids there to have a good time. They were violent thugs who threw pieces of concrete, hockey pucks, baseballs with spikes at the police. They burned a CBC vehicle. When reporters asked what they wanted, they really didn't offer anything more cogent than "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Free Trade's Gotta Go."

Mr. Oftedahl and his like always chant that they are democrats standing up for the rights of the people. The Canadian people have spoken rather definitively on free trade. In the past three federal elections, over 90 percent of Canadians voted for a party that supported NAFTA (Liberals, Conservatives, Reform-Alliance and Bloc Qu becois).

Note that the organizers of the "People's Summit" never disavowed the violent provocation of the young thugs. When the organizers got interviewed nonstop on TV, they sounded like a parody of Albanian propaganda under the communists.

If you examine the rhetoric of the protesters, what they are really advocating is Herbert Hoover economics. Hoover, in addition to signing the Smoot-Hawley bill that started an international trade war, which prolonged and deepened the Depression, was also a noted "friend of the Earth" conservationist.

I gather that Mr. Oftedahl and his ilk are very nostalgic for that kind of era. I can assure you most Canadians are not.


May 09, 2001
Subject: Stan Shanenstein letter-the "evidence" on SIDS and second-hand smoke

Once again regular National Post correspondent, Stan Shanenstein manages to perform a rectal cranial inversion (make an ass of himself)in the letters section on the National Post. (Butt Out,letters,May8,2001).As usual we get a compilation of outright distortion put in the usual bombastic manner. For the record it wasn't just Federal Judge William Osteen, that "vacated "every spurious claim about second-hand smoke-the Australian Supreme Court came to an identical conclusion as Judge Osteen, and like Judge Osteen accused the proponents of smoking bans of manipulating evidence.

Osteen wrote: EPA public ally committed to a conclusion before research had begun; excluded industry by violating the (Radon) Act's procedural requirements; adjusted established procedure and scientific norms to validate the agencies public conclusion, and aggressively used the Act's authority to disseminate findings to establish a de facto regulatory scheme intended to restrict Plaintiff's products and to influence public opinion" "The Court is faced with the ugly possibility that EPA adopted a mythology for each chapter, without explanation, based on the outcome sought in that chapter."

But it was Shanenstein's resurrection of the SIDS and second-hand smoke myth, that(without one iota of evidence) demonstrates the depth anti-smoking activists will sink to push a social-engineering agenda. Shanenstein and his ilk like to cite" the Fleming Study." Here is what Tom Keens, of the Children Hospital of Los Angeles, who was a member of the Fleming study said in the L.A.Times(July26,1998):

"Clearly Prof.Fleming is not saying cigarette smoking is the cause of SIDS.Like with prone sleeping, babies of families where there has been no cigarette smoking continue to die from SIDS, and most babies born into families where one or both parents smoke will not die. So cigarette smoking is not the cause of SIDS."

In answer to a question on the SIDS Internet site( Dr.Keens was asked whether toxins from cigarette smoke could be detected in SIDS babys. Dr.Keens responded" I don't think so. There is one substance, continine, which is sometimes analysed, usually in research studies to assess the amount of cigarette smoking one has done. I do not know if this is sensitive enough to be elevated in passive smoking. Also this is not a substance that is toxic or dangerous. Therefore I expect few or any coroners to measure it. Even if they did, the significance of an elevated contine would only be that the baby had been exposed to some cigarette smoke. It would say nothing about if or how that might have contributed to death."

Just more of the usual obvious sophistry (again) from Stan Shanenstein.

Warren Klass

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