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History has made us friends

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"Geography has made us neighbours. History has made us friends."

President John F. Kennedy, in Ottawa,Canada, 1961

As a Canadian, I am fully aware of the seeming temerity of interfering in U.S.A. internal elections. As a Canadian, I would like to remind our friends and neighbours south of the border that their decision on election day affects the whole world.

If you want an America where bleeding people strapped in wheelchairs are thrown out of the public monoply of the elite (hospitals) in 50 degree-below-zero weather to have a cigarette - Vote Gore. If you want to pay $7-$8 for a pack of smokes - Vote Gore. If you want your cigarette 'punishment dollars' to fund an unelected, unaccountable bureacracy whose function in life is to demonize parents to their kids, when they're not too busy attending anti teen-smoking conventions in Miami - Vote Gore. This is what's happening in Canada.

Al Gore repeatedly endorsed the Canadian "Politics of Punishment" campaign as a model for America to follow. Even if you 're not a smoker but have pension plans or 401K investments, your stocks in the tobacco companies have set the precedent for the market turbulence we're all paying for. It's not just stockholders in Phillip Morris, RJR, and B.A.T who were being punished, it's also the 50% of Americans who have stocks, mutuals, pension funds...

We are all too aware that everyone is paying a very high price for the Clinton-Gore war on smokers. If you cherish decency, reason, a sense of proportion, and fairness then please vote Republican on November 7th. It's a close election. YOUR VOTE COUNTS. Please vote; as a Canadian, I've seen and experienced firsthand Al Gore's prescription for the U.S.A. If I had a vote in your election, I would cast it for the Republicans. As that great Canadian (and smoker) Joni Mitchell once sang "You don't know what you got till its gone".

The Democratic Party's 'smoke free paradise' comes with a very high price, including huge waiting lists for medical service. If you're a smoker, guess where you'll end up on that list.

It's called Canada - what Al Gore wants the U.S.A. to look like.

Warren Klass, President FORCES Manitoba
November 2000