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The Smoker's Club, Inc.

Jack Houston's Smokers Rights Page

Is tyranny acceptable in the course of social engineering?

Hitler would say absolutely as would many like him.

The reality is that the corrupt anti-smoker movement has fabricated many lies and manipulated data to further their cause.

They know that thru media they can brainwash the weaker minded thus recruiting more to their numbers, and use media as a tool to oppress a minority group.

As to the second hand smoke being deadly, who's propaganda have you been reading?

On a factual basis the Austrailian Supreme Court threw out the EPA report as being unfactual. The U. S. Supreme Court also called it unfactual. When initiatially introduced to the public it was the size of a phone book and gave explicit details, which immediately exposed its biased nature and triggered lawsuits. They then promptly withdrew it and only offered the portion showing their findings/not how they arrived at them.

As for smokers individual health think about these things:
1) SAMMEC's programming was developed by anti-smokers (trash in, trash out)
2) Rat studies with tar painted on them - it was later revealed this supposed nicotime tar was laced with acetone which is a cancer causing industrial solvent...mix it with water and you'd have cancer causing water
3) U. S. Public Health Service Quaker General has to be nominated by the anti-smoker cartel
4) Smoking machine studies inject the equivalent of a forest fire instantaneously.
5) There are countless other things like this I haven't addressed

What reeeeeeeks is the gullibility of the public and media..... Its definitely suppression of a minority and therefore is a FREEDOM issue.

To Close To The Trees

I feel this is getting to close to the trees, to see the whole forest. What has made the anti's so successful is our money. Since the con-artist/conning organizations saw an opportunity to get rich(er) and powerful, they jumped on the issues.

By manipulating a small number of fanatics and giving them visibility in the media, they projected an image of many. They formed a coalition of all that had much to gain (i.e. Environmental, Medical, Charitable Orgs, Pharmicuticals, Government, etc.). They even enlisted the media to their cause (probably by promising to replace tobacco ads with their own, at a higher price, or paying them under the table).

Life saving cures for Cancers have been found in the past and suppressed. Its not in their interest to provide the public with cures, that would stop the income.

Something else to think about is the recent death of the famous female basketball player here in Houston. She was a non-smoker, died at 32 yrs old, and will become a statistic of dying from a "Smoking Related Illness". Also, of all the people who broke the hundred yr old bracket, nearly all of them either smoked a big part of their life, or continued to smoke throughout until their time of passing.

Health is not the issue here, its the diversion. What fuels the anti's is their desire to obtain power & wealth, which is driven by greed. This exists on both planes (individual & organizational). The Achilles Heal of the Anti's is exposure of the corruption/manipulation of the public. Once revealed, their credibility is destroyed and the mega-coalition they formed will fall apart.

If this doesn't happen, the cost is individual freedom. The right of one to make personal choices for themselves and their families.

Jack Houston