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The Smoker's Club, Inc.

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Amtrak Smoking Policy

To: The Smoker's Club, Inc.

Thank you for contacting Amtrak.

To answer your inquiry, smoking is prohibited entirely in all areas of all non-overnight trains, as well as on the Coast Starlight and the Twilight Shoreliner.

On other long distance overnight trains, cigarette smoking ( only ) is permitted at designated times either in lounge areas or in a specially designated area only-- not in coaches, sleepers, dining cars or any other area. The crew on each train will announce the designated lounge area smoking times.

See the "Services" section listed for each train in our national timetable for more specific information regarding the particular train you wish to travel on. As information, cigarettes are not sold on board trains that do not permit smoking.

We apppreciate this opportuniy to be of service.

Customer Service

Subj: RE: For Mr. Warrington....
Date: 9/5/2001 9:30:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Bonnecarrere, Keith)

Thank you for your recent electronic correspondence.

Amtrak considers the issue of smoking on board our trains vital to providing good service to all of our customers. Amtrak is constantly in the process of reviewing our polices in an attempt to meet the needs of both non-smoking and smoking passengers. Addressing this issue represents a difficult compromise.

The decision to ban smoking on all short-distance trains was not made lightly. Our experience was that when trains were full, smoking cars regularly had over half the seats empty while non-smokers would choose to stand in non-smoking areas. As we are experiencing a severe equipment shortage, we do not have the resources to operate cars which are only partially utilized. On long-distance trains, we have found that the smell of smoke severely taxes the effectiveness of our ventilation system and permeates fabrics and carpeting rendering the equipment both unpleasant and unacceptable to non-smokers.

At the present time, we include a smoke-break area only on selected long-distance trains. While these areas will not be designed as a lounge or allow for food or drink, they will be a place for smokers to have a cigarette at any time. The smoking areas will be enclosed and have a powerful ventilation system to expel the smoke. These totally separate areas will ensure that our non-smoking passengers will not have to walk through cars that have smoke or smell of smoke, and the full lounges can be enjoyed by everyone on board. Please check with our toll free number, 1 800-USA-RAIL, for the restrictions that apply to your chosen route.

Thank you once more for contacting us and letting us know how you feel on this important issue. Rest assured that your concerns have been noted, and that assuming the continued absence of federal legislation in this area, we will consider all input from our customers when making any future changes in the smoking policy.

Amtrak Customer Relations