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The Smoker's Club, Inc.

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Smoking Vs Carbon Monoxide

It would be very interesting to see some stats as to how many proponents of anti-smoking bans own more than one family vehicle and/or drive gas-guzzling, air-polluting SUV's and vans.

It would also be interesting for someone to interview these concerned folks and ask them how many hours they think it would take them to die were they locked in a closed garage filled with carbon monoxide fumes as opposed to one filled with second hand cigarette smoke ( or even really cheap cigar fumes), and then give them the opportunity to justify an attitude that appears to epitomize hypocrisy.

As for Mark Lubosch, if he were to quit hiding behind this smokescreen (yes, pun intended), he might have to bother with some of the real work he, as a city councillor, was elected to actually do. But it seems that's asking just a tad too much from politicians of today's calibre.

L. Harris