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1. This is a real letter from a 20 year old Israeli Soldier sent to some college students he met here in the states 2 years ago. It is real!!

Hi guys,
What's up how are you?
I'm finally home after two field weeks!!! Just so you'll know a field week, is a week where you sleep in a small personal tent in the middle of the desert, you don't change or shower, and it's so cold!!! I learned how to charge and fight with others (one charges one covers, it's really cool but exhausting as well!!!). You should tell me "MAZAL-TOV" today I finished basic training!!! After four months. This Sunday I was supposed to get a week off, that's what you get once every 4 months, but it got canceled for now because of the situation. This past Tuesday I had a huge march (9 hours long, 28 miles), It was the last march before the "beret march", in which I finally get my green beret!!! It's 50 miles (13 hours walk).
I'm doing fine, I have a new girlfriend witch I really love. She really helps me go through all the things in the army. Things in Israel are getting worse everyday, and I am very worried. Now that I finished basic training, it means that I'm qualified to fight and do some crazy shit. My week off the army got canceled because my unit and I are on stand-by. I really hope I'm not gonna be a part of that!!! Please don't worry guys I'll be fine I have G-D next to me and you in my heart. It's really good to receive all the e-mails from you, knowing that you care. I promise that I'll write each time
I'm home and let you know about me and about the situation in Israel. The combat we are having now is hard for a couple of reasons
A) because the Palestinians attack by committing suicide
B) because they are shooting from churches, schools, kinder gardens, in purpose of trying to make us fire back and turn the world against us!!!
Don't believe anything you hear on the news!!!
All we do is defend are country, and I tell you as a soldier that I am forbidden to return fire unless three thing happen
1) they fire at me
2) I know exactly the source of the fire
3) no one else will get hurt, I'm supposed to move aside when they throw explosive bottles and rocks at me !!!
When we bombed Ramalla we notified the city 2 hours in advance where the bombing is going to happen (it was a terrorists office) so no one will get hurt.
The Palestinian child that was killed a month ago that was caught on T.V dying, now it turned out that died by them and the camera was there on purpose to blame Israel, and to turn the world against us (now you know witch animals we have to deal with). It makes me said to hear all the lies that I hear especially on C.N.N when I'm here living a different reality. All we want is peace, all they want is Jerusalem and to see the Israelis and all the Jewish people dead!!!
Sorry if I got a little cried away it's just that I think people have to know that truth. For all of you guys out there don't give up on Israel, in my heart I do believe that someday things will get better, especially now when the winter is getting stronger. I will love to answer if you have any questions if you have any. I love you all and miss you and hope to finish the army and go to see all of you.
Till then good-bye,
Gilad .

2. Article from Jerusalem Post

3. What to do? Don't give up on Israel, and don't believe all you hear or read. Check out the source. CNN is no friend of Israel.

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